2BR Cabins are Just the Right Size for a Couples’ Vacation

Sometimes it seems like the weekends keep getting shorter, right? Like you’ve got just enough time to either see your friends or take in some quality time with your significant other, but if you try to do both, you end up feeling pretty squeezed. Is there any way you can see everyone you want to and fit in some relaxation at the same time?

Try a Couples’ Vacation!

It’s time to eliminate the competition. Get everyone together and get outta town! A couples’ vacation (let’s just say, hypothetically, to cabins in Pigeon Forge) gets rid of these pesky dilemmas so you can focus on getting the most out of your weekend. It solves the same problem for your friends, too – after all, they want to see you and their one and only, too.

Now that Everyone’s Together, Where To?

Between the four (or six! or more!) of you, you’ll have a fair amount of combined travel knowledge and interests, so the decision of where to go on your weekend away might not be easy. That is, until you consider what Pigeon Forge cabins – and the town itself – have to offer you.

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee offers tons of different options for your couples’ vacation. There are golf courses and shopping at the outlet malls, dinner theatres and Dollywood. There’s also Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which opens up a whole menu of unbeatable outdoor activities for the whole group to enjoy. With that in mind…

How About Some Skinny Dippin?

Okay, okay, not that kind of skinny dipping! Skinny Dippin is one of the great Pigeon Forge cabins that have made vacationing in the area famously fun and luxurious.

Like other cabins in Pigeon Forge, this 2 BR/2 BA cabin comes with a fully-equipped kitchen, plush furniture, and easy access to all the local hot spots. But unlike other cabins in Pigeon Forge, you’ve got 2 indoor Jacuzzis and an outdoor hot tub, plasma screen TVs, and great fishing on the bank just off your back porch.

With 2 bedrooms with King-size beds and 2 full bathrooms, this cabin is perfect for couples’ vacations, and the gas fireplace, charcoal grill, and WiFi throughout are just icing on the cake. It’s pet-friendly, too, so nobody has to choose between their human and canine friends, either.

Cabins for Couples’ Groups of All Sizes

If you’re looking to get a larger group together, there are plenty of other Pigeon Forge cabins that can accommodate you, but any of those and Skinny Dippin’ aren’t always available on the busier weekends of the year. Plan ahead; call the team at Alpine Mountain Chalets and book your couples’ vacation as soon as you’re ready!