3 Amenities Your Gatlinburg Cabin Should Have in the Winter

When you are booking your Gatlinburg cabin for a winter getaway, what should you make sure you have?  We know it can be hard to remember everything when you’re planning a getaway, but not to worry, we have you covered! While there are some amenities that make sense to have all year around, when it’s winter, there are a few you just won’t want to live without! We hope this helps you as you plan your next getaway.      


  1. Fireplace – We know you might think, well that’s obvious, but it can be easy forget when you have 101 things on your mind. So we just wanted to give you a little reminder that fireplaces are so necessary during winter. There’s nothing quite like snuggling on the couch with a warm glass of cocoa in hand and a fireplace roaring in the background. The fireplace makes a perfect addition for any winter trip, and luckily, almost all of our properties have one! But check just to make sure. 😉 
  2. Hot Tub – A hot tub is a guest favorite all year around, but especially fun when it’s cold outside! It’s fun to jump from the cold winter air into the steamy, bubbling hot tub. We keep our hot tubs in great condition all year long, and we know you will love taking a dip while you’re here this winter. 
  3. View – Okay, we’re a little partial here. We really think a winter view is a necessity. 🙂 Although sometimes the best view is just of the woods right behind your cabin. Whether you choose a property with a mountain view or with trees in the background, you will be stunned by the winter beauty that still abounds in the Smoky Mountains – especially when we get a fresh Smoky Mountain snow!! 


Are there any other amenities you think are necessary during the winter? There are so many amazing features that our cabins have, and we really make sure to deck them out for the holidays. We can’t wait to see you in the Smokies!