4 Things to Do with Your Pet When You Rent Pet Friendly Cabins in Pigeon Forge TN

When you’re looking at pet friendly cabins to rent in Pigeon Forge TN that will allow you to bring your beloved pet along, you want to make sure that the cabins are top notch and that you won’t have to sacrifice a few amenities just so you can bring your pet along for the fun. You want to make sure you and your four-legged friend will have plenty of extra space, and we understand that!

We have pet friendly cabins in Pigeon Forge TN that will be perfect for you and your pet! Here’s a few great pet friendly things to do in Pigeon Forge:

1. Visit Patriot Park

This park located right behind the Old Mill and Old Mill Square is the perfect place to take your pet to let them stretch their legs and get some exercise. Bring a ball or frisbee to play some fetch, or bring food for the both of you and enjoy a quick lunch at the park. And, as long as your pet stays on their leash, you can walk around Pigeon Forge and see the sights!

2. Dollywood’s Doggywooddog traveling to a pet-friendly Gatlinburg attraction

While you enjoy the roller coasters and other attractions at Dollywood, you can board your pet at Doggywood so you won’t have to worry about them being bored back at the cabin. Bring enough food for your pet to eat throughout the day with you, it won’t be provided otherwise. And try to book a boarding space ahead of time, as there’s no guarantee there will be space available on the day you decide to visit the park. To learn more about Doggywood, click here.

3. New dog park in nearby Sevierville

If you want a completely pet-friendly environment for you and your pet to enjoy, consider visiting the brand new dog park that is just a few minutes away from Pigeon Forge in Sevierville. There is plenty of space for your pet to run around and make new friends. There’s even benches for you to sit on and there’s plenty of shade for your pet to use when they decide to take a quick nap. All pets are required to be vaccinated. Click here to learn more about the new dog park!

4. River Rat, a fun wet ride for you and your petdog in river in Smoky Mountains

This activity is technically more toward Townsend, but the drive will be worth it if your pet loves the water and being outside. You can go tubing with your pet! They’ll love it because all you have to do is hop into a tube that they provide for you and float down the river. And your pet can have its own tube with netting so that they can float along with you! Click here to check out River Rat!

Pet friendly cabins in Pigeon Forge TN offer you and your pet the best place to stay on your next vacation. Plus, you will only be minutes away from some great places for you and your pet to visit. We can’t wait to see you and your pet when you stay with us on your next vacation! Here’s our selection of pet friendly cabins in Pigeon Forge TN.