Great Summertime Hikes In Smoky Mountain National Park 

If you’re heading to the Smokies for your summertime vacation you’re in for a real treat. As the seasons begin to turn you’ll uncover the best of nature in the Smoky Mountain region. One great way to explore the scenic looks is via the trails in Smoky Mountain National Park. Noted as one of the best things to do in Gatlinburg, hiking these fun-loving trails is a relaxing and enjoyable extracurricular activity where the whole family can participate! Not only will you get a glimpse of some beautiful scenery, but you’ll also engage in a healthy, family-friendly activity. 


Of course, you’ll want to make sure you select a trail that gives you the best views while still remaining accessible to hikers of all skill levels. Luckily, the park offers a variety of fabulous hikes conducive to all guests. You don’t have to leave anyone behind to have an experience you’ll love. Here are a few summertime hikes to consider while vacationing in the Gatlinburg cabins:


Porters Creek Trail


If you’re  hoping for a hike that screams peace and relaxation then Porters Creek Trail is just the ticket. The hike is low maintenance and easy to complete in just an hour or two. Throughout the four mile loop guests of the trail will enjoy the best of both worlds: a naturesque scene and a splash of history. Along the trail you’ll pass by several old homesites, bridges and cabins reflecting the lives of the earliest settlers. In the summertime months you’ll also enjoy a peek at some of the best wildflower settings in the area. The loop highlights several local species most notably dwarf ginseng and wild geraniums. All in all Porters Creek is one of the more popular things to do in Gatlinburg.


Fighting Creek Nature Trail


This trail is considered one of the easiest to tackle out of all the trails near the Gatlinburg cabins.  FIghting Creek Nature Trail gets this rep because it has very little elevation and is one of the shortest trails on the map (capping out at 0.9 miles). Great for children or elderly family members this trail is universally fun for everyone. It begins near Sugarlands Visitor Center and wraps around a small Smoky Mountain brook. Nestled among some lush forestry there are plenty of benches to stop along the way to simply enjoy the scenery. 


Cades Cove


This popular trail is far from difficult, but it is quite lengthy if you embark on the entire 11 mile trail. That said, the loop is well worth it as Cades Cove is popular for its historical significance and wildlife sightings. Part of the trail includes an expansive open field where you’re bound to see some of the area’s most unique wildlife activities. In late summer, hikers will also enjoy watching the maples and sourwoods turn red in preparation for the fall months. Cades Cove in general is one of the must-see things to do in Gatlinburg. Don’t miss it!


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